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June 2014



Restaurant AOC – København

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One of the highlights of our trip to Copenhagen was our dining experience at restaurant AOC .

The dinner at Michelin Star awarded AOC rounded off our visit to Copenhagen beautifully.

We were welcomed in a tastefully decorated wine cellar ambiance. The chefs greeted us from the open kitchen. Apart from that we never heard a noise from the kitchen at our table. The clean, simple ambiance was very toned-down so it would not distract from the food, the art on the walls, the overall arrangement and with plenty of space for privacy. It invited us to relax, to unwind, to enjoy the meals to come.

The menu can be chosen between 4, 6 or 8 courses plans, plus availability of well stocked wine cellar pairings. Each menu was beautifully orchestrated by the chefs, each preparing individual courses.  With all the perfect organization,  it was still up to us to set the pace. Every time we finished a course the next would follow soon after. At first we ate fast, but soon we slowed down to enjoy every aspect of the meal.  Each course followed the pattern “The Delivery, The Reveal (finely choreographed with smoke, sauces or seasoning), The Explanation (with all the chef’s pride and skillfulness)”. Smoky flavor was a note that carried through all the dishes. Once in form of a smoked cheese in a covered up bowl with a beautifully choreographed hand motion to lift the cover and trail the smoke, another time with scorched salad leaf tips to add flavor and another time with a creme brulee style of dish with smoke escaping once you broke the crispy top surface. All vegetables and dairy were harvested and prepared bio-dynamically, which  follows the moon cycles.

The courses were beautifully thought out and showed complex craftsmanship bursting with flavor and well balanced seasoning. All courses featured local and organic Nordic produce. The purity of flavors and variety of textures made you slow down and enjoy every bite. Altogether we spent more than 3 hours there. Thank you for the experience!

Conveniently located in the center:

Dronningens Tværgade 2

1302 Copenhagen, Denmark

København K

Phone number +45 33 11 11 45

1Modern yet inviting interior

2Bio-dynamic Asparagus Spears and Crispy Potato Spheres

3Fresh Oyster Bedded on the Rock Sea Salt

4In-season Greens with Mayo and Verbena Soup

5A New Spin on a Traditional Danish Bread

6Cheese Plate over Pine

7Bone Marrow with Crispy Skin and Freshly Grated Black Truffles over Pork with Baked Onions

8Charred Greens, Bleeked Roe with Smoked Egg Yolk and Clam Snow with Fresh Squid, Daikon, Razor Clam

9Parsley Ice Cream with Rhubarb, Sea Buckthorn and Creme Under a Paper Thin Waffel