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June 2014



Chewy Oatmeal-Cacao Vegan Cookies

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Oatmeal Cookies 4

Oatmeal Cookies

Makes 8 Cookies

¾ cup oats (meal)

¾ cup almond flour

3 tbsp coconut oil

¼ cup maple syrup

¼ cup dates

4 tbsp cacao powder

2 tbsp cacao nibs

pinch of salt, dash of vanilla extract

– Heat oven to 350 F / 175 C

– In a blender or food processor add oats and ground them into a meal. Combine oat meal and almond flour in the large bowl with salt, cacao powder, cacao nibs and coconut oil. Mix until crumbly.

– Add maple syrup and vanilla so that mixture comes all together.

– Add small pieces of dates.

-Form small cookies on the baking sheet.

-Bake for 20 mins.

Enjoy!Oatmeal Cookies 3 Oatmeal Cookies 1Oatmeal Cookies 5