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January 2016



Petra Jordan – The Pink City

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_55A4092Just a 3 hour drive from Amman through the desert we reached Petra also known as the Pink City. At the tourist center/entrance we decided we wanted to go explore on our own even though there are plenty of alternatives starting with the tour guide, carriage ride or horseback /camel /donkey ride :) Petra did not fail to impress us on every step deeper into this monument of an ancient civilization: a fortified city built into the glowing gold rocks and only accessible through a long canyon that used to be sealed off by massive doors. The Romans laid siege to it for 5 years until the city ran out of drinking water and submitted. How it must have felt as a conqueror to finally walk through these massive gates, along the canyon and have a first glimpse at the tomb. Then continuing deeper until the the narrow gorge opens up into a huge valley with a glorious city with amphitheater. Even today we could see the extraordinary craftsmanship of these ancient Nabatean builders in the precision of the ruins.

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